Tanya Welcome to my little bit of the Web. My name is Tanya Allan and I've written one or two stories I hope you'll like. Some of my other stories have appeared elsewhere but this collection are all exclusive to these pages.

A bit of wisdom!

They say that inside everyone is a novel waiting to be published...Inside me is a lifetime of experience: - some good, some bad, lots hilarious, and some tear jerking. Many of us are unable to be whom we feel we should have been, and despite the best of intentions, most of us will die unfulfilled. I firmly believe that you make your own luck, and do the best you have with the hand you've been dealt. One can cheat, but in the long run, does it pay? For some it might, for others, it won't!

My life has been a good one so far, and I don't intend cashing in my chips just yet! I have children and a partner whom I adore, and a job that suits my skills and nature. What more could I ask for?

Yes, I could have been the person I always wanted to be, but then, maybe that person was never meant to be me. My stories are predominately about the me I never was, and I am allowed the freedom to live those lives through my characters. I adore happy endings and seeing justice prevail, so my stories will normally reflect that. Tanya Allan is a real person, and I appreciate the time you spend reading my stories.

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