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January 21st 2015

Snow Go

The white stuff has visited these parts several times this week, the current load being the biggest fall since Christmas. It has been pretty cold with it, temperatures struggling to get into positive numbers - am i glad for the central heating! I'm working hard on the Gaby cook book - it's forcing me to do some cooking, i enjoy doing it but i'm generally rather bone idle! I'm not going to tell you what i've been cooking, you'll find out when i'm done but i am about halfway through the menu!

Work is a bit of a pain at the moment, i really could do with a change of scenery, i've lost interest in working there, not that i'm alone, but its getting quite acute now. Watch this space i guess.

But you don't want to read my whingeing, you want Gaby so here you go, chapter 437 in the saga.

I've also updated the Gluhwein Mug Museum page as i was gifted some extra examples in the New Year!

I don't have anything else this week so until next time,


January 14th 2015

Slow Start

Its turning out to be a slow start to 2015, a combination of nasty weather and seasonal unhealthiness is keeping me from doing much on two wheels and stuff like exploding microwaves has meant expense i could've done without! on the plus side i'm entered in 3 sportives so far with a further two in the diary awaiting entry information, i've started my retro bike project and the summer holiday planning is coming along nicely. Not only that but the current writing project is coming along nicely, i'm hoping to have it ready by the end of the month.

There is of course a new Gaby chapter today, number 436 no less!

January 7th 2015

Hello 2015!

So here we are, 2015 and the start of a year which promises to be every part as exciting as 2014. The immediate news is that i've fixed the problems with last weeks chapter link and Culture Clash is now available in the full version for your Kindle, as a pdf and a paperback. If you click here you can get the next chapter.

Rather than give a timetable here are my aims for scribbling for 2015

I would like to do more than this but its very dependant on available time!

Notable events in my diary so far for 2015

I'm expecting to do 6 or 7 Sportives this year and there may be extra foreign excursions too!

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