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December 17th 2014


So my visit with friends in Germany has been and gone, i visited something like twenty Christmas market sites, collected a similar number of Gluhwein mugs and pretty much had a good time eating and drinking and just soaking up the seasonal atmosphere. I've updated the Gluhwein mug directory and the Christmas Market gazzeteer if you fancy a mooch. Of course i was accompanied by Gaby so a click here will take you to a photo gallery featuring the Wunderkind.

The sad news is that Sidonie is not doing so well. A year ago it looked like there would be a reasonable recovery from the series of strokes that laid her low but in the spring things took a turn for the worse and she is now in a nursing home struggling with normal day to day stuff. She doesn't have internet and sorry to say almost no contact outside of immediate family, i was her first non family visitor for several months. There's little i can do about that directly from England but i'd like to do something to either get her online or support the local Stroke charity - any ideas? let me know at the usual email.

So, Chrimbo - as it falls this year you shouldn't see any disruption to the update schedule and i'm still planning on getting the final round of book 12+1 out before year end. This week its back to normal and a click here will get you to the latest chapter of Book 11.

Until next week,



November 26th 2014

Travel Time

The third stanza of Culture Clash will be available from tomorrow in ebook, print and Kindle versions! Lots of stuff going on in this volume so take a chance and have a look.

As I mentioned last time i'm away for the next couple of Wednesdays so this week you get three chapters! Take your time over them, they have to last a long time! The next chapter is here, you'll need to follow the links from there.

November 19th 2014


Indeed, after several quite hectic weeks this current seven day has been very quiet, no trips, no deadlines, work has been exceptionally quiet too. The weather has been quite poor, fog, rain and otherwise overcast which hasn't helped my chesty cold one iota! in short its typical November weather.

It does mean that i've got five Gaby chapters written so the next run is well on schedule for its end of month release.

Of course its only two weeks before my Rheinland Weinachtsmarkt trip and just five weeks until the day itself - where did the year go?

This week you get a standard single chapter here, next week will have extras as i'll miss the following two weeks!

November 12th 2014


After celebrating the failure of terrorists and frightening the spirits, this week, in Europe at least we've been remembering the dead of two world wars and more recent conflicts. Today we aren't threatened by other nations but by extremists hiding behind religion to kill and terrorise the innocent and force their idealogy on others, our military personel continue to die in the pursuit of peace, we should thank them and remember their selfless sacrifice on our behalf.

So part three of Culture Clash is started and everything is on schedule for the release at the end of this month. This week though you get to find out what happened over seventy chapters previously for free! Chapter 427 can be found here.

November 5th 2014

Bondfire Night

Yes its that time of year again when we Brits celebrate the failure of dissident terrorists' attempt to kill our King and destroy our Parliament, we have long memories, it was in 1605, over 400 years ago!

A bit nearer to home, its time to celebrate the release of the next instalment of Gaby - Culture Clash, Part the Second is now available for your Kindle from Amazon and for other formats via Lulu. The third stanza is underway and should be ready for release at the end of November.

Today also see's the release of another chapter from Book 11, part 26 can be found here!

In other news, plans are afoot for the 2015 Gabycon, likely to be in June centred on Dorchester in Dorset close to the south coast of England. Format is expected to be similar to previous years, eating, drinking, cycling, storytelling and meeting likeminded Gabfen. A little closer timewise, i'm off to Germany in a months time for the annual Weihnachtsmarkt trip, this year i'll be starting at Frankfurt, Mainz and Weisbaden before heading north for Dusseldorf, maybe Munster and Dortmund before finishing off with the old favourites of Bonn and Koln. Not sure whether Gabs or Nena will come with me at present, it's Nena's turn but i guess she might be working!

October 29th 2014


Just a quickie this week. Culture Clash part the Second will be available at the weekend, its almost complete but there's a bit more to get it ready for you and Kindle!

For today, here is chapter 425 of the saga.

October 22nd 2014


The trip to Europe was a great success, no one misplaced, no major navigational issues and only a delayed flight home dropped the overall score a little. As it turns out we landed almost as the first effects of the hurricane reached these shores, some timing eh? Everyone including our Gabs enjoyed themselves with some great meals and equally good Archaeology in both Germany and Denmark. There is a small album of pics if you go here.

But i want words i hear you cry, well i guess you can have some, click here for the 24th part of book 11.

October 15th 2014


With the trip organisation complete i've been able to dedicate some time to my scribbles, two new chapters are already in the can and a third is in progress. Once i return from Europe i'll crack on and the cookbook project is at the 'needing illustration' stage so it looks like my cooker will see some action too! I guess the next couple of months are going to be busy!

But you don't have to wait to read more Gaby, the next chapter, Bella Bella, is up today!

October 8th 2014

Travel Bug

Its turning distinctly autumnal here, rain, wind, leaves turning and certainly much cooler. Not just the weather is changing, the nights are drawing in which in turn sits me in front of the keyboard a bit more which in turn means i do more writing. However, as some of you might know, besides writing and cycling i'm also an archaeologist and its that part of my life which is currently causing some curtailment of writing. Next week i'm taking a party of like minded individuals to Germany to look at some archaeology there and in Denmark, organising this has taken some time and in the final run up to departure i've still got plenty of stuff to do!

There will still be an update next week as of course there is this. Culture Clash part the second is under way and certainly once i return from Germany there shouldn't be anything else to interfere with my scribbling before December!

So here's your reward for reading my drivel, chapter 11.22!

October 1st 2014

Last Quarter

So thats nine months gone, three more until 2015! This weeks news, Gaby - Culture Clash part 1 is now available on Kindle and i've got my new bike on the road.

I've been busy again this week but not too busy to sort you out the next bit of Book 11 which you can get here.

September 24th 2014

Autumnal Hints

With the temperatures falling and the evenings drawing in the feeling that summer has come to an end fills the air. With that there is some return to 'normality', the holiday season is over, off season for 'competitive' cycling and attention turns to the stuff of autumn and winter, Bonfire Night, Hallowe'en, Christmas and New Year.

But you aren't here for my musings but for news and the big news is the Sunday release of the first instalment of the next Gaby Book - Culture Clash on Kindle. Some of you have pre-ordered for which i thank you. The plan is that there will be a further segment released each month with the full version available for Christmas - fingers crossed i'll have the writing time, I am trying to free up some extra but work is the enemy of my writing career!

For today you can read another instalment of book 11 by clicking here.

September 21st 2014


Yeah, i know, this update is late, i can explain! It was like this, i had a dinner invitation, three Gaby chapters to write, a 65 mile sportive and - well i ran out of time. The good news is that i got the writing done, the sportive was completed in reasonable time, dinner was great and i made the deadline with Amazon so that you can pre-order the next Gaby instalment for your Kindle now, release date is September 28th, just one week away!

It took a bit of doing but i've put together a quick tour with Nena so if you click here you can see what we got up to in Germany.

You can also catch up on a new Gaby chapter with a click here.

September 10th 2014

Long Face Day

Well it's three weeks since i set off for my latest German expedition but sadly i'm now home and back to work. I (and Nena) rode Foxy a bit over 1100km (for the pond hoppers thats @ 680 miles), we visited a dozen museums, climbed three towers, took 5000 photographs and spent probably far too much! Next week i hope to be able to post a full report with pictures that Nena is currently working on so thats something to look forward to!

The first part of the next Gaby volume - Clash of Cultures, is available for advanced order now in the Kindle shop, it will be available on general release hopefully this time next week. I've been working on it whilst i've been away, although not as much as i had planned but things are on schedule nevertheless.

You hopefully all found the extra chapters i posted before departure so today you get chapter 18 - things should be back on normal schedule from next week.

August 13th 2014

Hooray its Holiday!

So alright i don't leave until next week but I'm in holiday mood! So today is the last midweek update until mid September, i will do a post at the weekend of some extra chapters but i won't do a full site update so you'll need to follow the links at the end of each chapter to read them. Todays chapter is here.

The new book is moving along, i hope to have part one complete in September when i also hope to finish the Gaby cook book so plenty to look forward to.

Nena will be joining me on this trip so expect a report from our intrepid tour guide when we return, there might be a few pictures too!

August 6th 2014

Holiday Season

Next week will be the last Wednesday update until September 10th as I depart for my hols on the 20th. I will try to get some extra chapters up before I leave to tide you over until my return. This week you of course get another chapter, 11.13.

The big news for Gab fans this week is that i've started the next book, 12+1, Culture Clashes, two chapters have already been penned and passed to the editor in chief, there is a faint possibility that the first stanza will go to press before my departure for furren' shores - fingers crossed!

Material for the next as yet untitled Nena story is being collected, with a following wind I'll be putting fingers to keyboard on that when I return from Germany.

July 30th 2014


Not much to tell this week, new chapter here and thats about it!

July 23rd 2014

Schools Out

Which means we're busy at work which is good on one level but wearing beyond belief especially as the in store temperature has been around 30c despite a fleet of fans and open doors - not comfortable! It's great bike riding weather - except i've been too exhausted to take advantage, bleh! I'll be off on my hols in 4 weeks, can't see the weather holding that long but at least i'll be fresh for each days riding.

At this point i'd like to thank all of you who have bought Wunderkind for your Kindle, you've pushed it into the top rankings for kids sports books, holding top spot for a full week before dropping back a couple of spots. The category is dominated by horse stories so to break into and remain in the top five is, i think you'll agree quite an achievement (it would be nice if some of you could at least rate it!)

Your reading for this week can be found here.

Before i go, special thoughts go out to my editor in chief, Ang who has suffered a family bereavement this week, hang in there girl, we're thinking of you.

July 16th 2014


An early harvest, sunny and warm weather - that thing we Brits call summer is holding up quite nicely! My thoughts are now turned towards my summer vacation, still or is it just, five weeks away. Flights and accomodation are booked, route is planned, attractions investigated leaving just my steed to prepare - mostly a clean and service. This year see's a return to central Germany with a theme of transport museums - rail, road, water and air with about 1200km of riding connecting them. As usual there is a slight feeling of trepidation, a frison of excitement as the trip i've been planning for over a year comes closer to reality - i travel on my own quite often, this is the tenth cycle touring holiday so you'd think i'd have less nerves but i guess the element of the unknown keeps it exciting!

I realised last week that one of the Gaby books, #11 Wunderkind was missing from the Kindle library, this has now been rectified so that you can now get all 12 Gaby books for your Kindle. Use one of the book links above to get to Amazon, you should find a link to my Kindle bookstore near the book description.

If Kindle is not your thing you can of course read the latest free chapter, 11.10, here by clicking this. Don't forget that all the main Gaby thread plus fanfics and side stories can be found at Lulu in print and digital formats and of course here on the Gaby Mini Site.


July 9th 2014

Grande Depart

Wow - what a weekend! Official estimates suggest 2.5 million people watched each of the Yorkshire stages of the TdF 'roadside', that makes it the biggest live audience (ie: at the event as opposed to watching on the telly) for any single organised event ever! It was unbelievable, crowds ten, twenty, thirty deep, brilliant weather, fantastic friendly atmosphere - yes lots of cyclists but just as many 'casual' watchers out to see what all the fuss was about! I'll put some pictures up next time - i haven't sorted them out yet!

To mark the occasion, from today you'll be able to find Gaby - Futures - a new release on both Kindle and Lulu digital featuring Gabymas with some potential Gaby scenarios set @ four years ahead of the main story line. It's followed by the shorter Grand Depart, penned last week specifically to mark the Tour's visit to these shores, what is young Bond up to in 2014? There may well be further Gaby one off stories if i get inspired but of course the main thread will continue - expect more later this year.

I'm currently collecting tales to continue the Nena series which i'll start pulling together into book 6 in the next few weeks.

For now i'll sign off with a link to the next chapter, 11.09!

July 2nd 2014

Tour de France

Well its here, yup the Grande Depart hits Yorkshire this weekend so don't expect much sense out of me or Ang this week! Continued apologies if you are reading this somewhat late, i'm updating weekly even if the server isn't updating the site.

Here at any rate is a link to part 408 in the saga, others are longer but i hold squatters rights to the longest running series! Not that its a competition of course.

June 25th 2014


Its finally here, summer that is and hereabouts we've at least been blessed with some good weather for a few days. On Sunday i joined the crowds at L'Eroica Brittania out at Bakewell, its a sportive with a difference, your bike has to be pre 1986, mine are currently all too new so i could only watch. I was really jealous of those taking part, i'll definately be there next time, i already have plans to renovate my old race bike for it!

I must apologise again if the updates haven't been turning up but i have been uploading them, for some reason the server hasn't been updating - its beyond my control so please be patient.

Here is this weeks offering, chapter 7.

June 18th 2014


Another busy weekend - not riding this week but doing my TdF marshall training up in Leeds. Under 3 weeks until the big weekend now and Yorkshire is abuzz with Tour fever, it really is happening and i'll be part of it! So watch out on the TV coverage of the second stage for not just me but Angharad as well who's got a prime location on Holme Moss!

The new Gaby project is continuing nicely and i've finalised the full book 12 version which you should be able to purchase in paper and electronic formats from Lulu today and in Kindle version from tomorrow. There are more illustrations and the fully Angharad edited chapters, so if you've been patiently waiting for the full version thank you for being patient.

I suppose you want a new chapter this week? Okay then, here is Wunderkind chapter 6.

June 11th 2014

A Right Shower

Well a breezy ascent of Holme Moss on Sunday put a lid on my pre TdF route riding sportives and enjoyable they've been. The big weekend is fast approaching, i've got the big marshals training session this coming weekend, accomodation is organised - its getting exciting!

The weather has certainly been a bit up and down this week, strong winds, sunshine, heavy showers - even flash floods and thunderstorms! Lets hope it gets it all out of its system before July!

I must apologise for the muck ups with the new Gaby chapters - I'm blonde okay! Anyhow, you can read the missing chapter now if you click here.

On the writing front i've started a new project which I hope to roll out in a couple of weeks - i think you'll like it - well i'm banking on it! More details coming soon.

June 4th 2014

June Bugs

Phew, the Petit Depart is over - quicker than i anticipated even with a mechanical delay. Five and a half hours of leg snapping, energy sapping, Yorkshire Dales riding - not bad for an old git! The weather was just about right, the route both testing and enjoyable - its a barely a month until the worlds best riders tackle these same roads - a bit quicker than me no doubt even if i was hitting 50-60km on the Cote du Cray descent!

This weeks assault on Holme Moss is shorter but longer, about 45km but i've got nearly 60km to get to and home from it! The pro's will hit the climb after over 150km rather than 25km - it still doesn't seem real that the worlds biggest annual sporting event is coming here, less than 10km from where i'm sat stage 2 will finish!

Apologies for the muck up with updates, this week they should sort themselves out and of course there's a new chapter here too!

May 28th 2014

Tour Fever

It's been a funny week for me, i've been off work more than there and lots of stuff has been going on! On Saturday it was TdF fever - volunteers had to attend a presentation in Leeds (day one off work!). All very slick but hardly any new information was supplied - with just six weeks to go things are building up. Monday here in England was a Bank Holiday which i managed to swing off (day two off work) which means that yesterday was only my third work day since the last update.

All this time away from work has meant some extra writing time which has meant that whilst late I've completed part 4 of It's A Swiss!. The Lulu version of Part the Last should be available now and the Kindle by tomorrow! Please be aware that as with the previous releases this isn't the final version - the complete book will be released in a couple of weeks with some added extras in printed format as well as digital.

In other news, the pimping of my sportive bike continues apace and training for the forthcoming events, whilst weather hit, has gone okay. This coming Sunday it's the Petit Depart, 138km / 86 miles around the Yorkshire Dales covering part of the TdF stage one route including the Buttertubs pass! Hopefully i'll be round in about six riding hours, last nights 62km in 3 hours with nearly 1300m of climbing is a positive indicator! I need to keep things going though - next week its the Holme Moss sportive - a bit closer to home but taking in part of the stage 2 TdF route!

So remember, It's A Swiss! Part the Last available today at the usual outlets and here is todays freebie.

May 21st 2014

What's Up?

Just a quickie this week, i'm well busy with stuff, training, social engagements, TdF stuff and writing - there aren't enough hours in the day! The thing that's up is actually Kindle sales, thank you all for your support on that side of things. the delayed book 12 part 4 is now much closer to completion and should, fingers crossed see first release next week.

So for now here is the next freebie chapter.

May 14th 2014

Mixed Blessings

It's certainly been a week of variable weather, heavy rain, bright sunshine, strong winds - and that was only Sunday! That in turn has put a kink in my riding - its no fun getting drowned or slogging into a gale, hopefully we will have some more settled weather or i'll have to brave the weather!

Wheels is now available for Kindle as promised so there is only one more volume, Wunderkind, before we are up to date with the main series! The delayed chapters of It's A Swiss are coming along quite quickly now, I hope to have it completed during the next ten days, the complication at the moment being the use of three languages! It's certainly interesting trying to keep things readable but in of itself language is providing some slightly comic episodes!

I promised a new chapter this week and here it is!

May 7th 2014

May'd Better

So we're back from a terrific trip to Germany, back to crappy weather, work and a heavy workload of both writing and training for the next month. I had hoped to get more writing done in Germany but a very full programme of activity cut my writing time down to almost zero! Don't despair, i'm getting back into the swing of things and whilst further delayed, It's A Swiss isn't so far from completion and will be completed shortly.

So Germany, I took my parents (and Gaby) so it was a bit different to my solo excursions. We flew to Hamburg then drove down to the Spreewald where we stayed for a couple of days so that i could take part in the Spreewald Marathon events. I managed an unimpressive 13 and a half minute time trial on the Friday then on Saturday collected my sixth golden gurken for completing the 200 kilometre event, this time in seven hours total - thirty minutes quicker than i'd expected which impressed my parents if no one else. (i came in about 100th out of 1000 or so starters, average ride speed of @ 31kph.) Then it was back to Hamburg via Schwerin for three days before returning home. I've put together a small photo gallery for those that like that sort of thing.

The bike training is for my next sportive event, something like 90 miles around the Yorkshire Dales taking in part of the Tour de France stage one route - quite hardcore stuff requiring more effort on my part! Talking of TdF, if anyone is interested we are planning a micro Gabycon to coincide with the big weekend, race watching, maybe some drinking and tale telling with myself and Angharad. As soon as we have more details we'll let you know.

Last time i posted the concluding part of Book 10, from next week i will start to put Book 11, Wunderkind up but in the meantime i hope to have Book 10 Wheels out for Kindle by the weekend so if thats your thing keep an eye out towards the end of the week.

April 16th 2014

East at Easter

Well not Easter exactly but shortly after so as promised this week you get the next two Gaby chapters here which takes us up to edition 400!

In addition, book 9, More Changes is now available for kindle although my hoped release of the finished book twelve looks like it will be delayed a little - best laid plans and all that. My excuse is the Spreewald trip and more specifically the time i've been spending on the bike in training, 9 hours the last week and i want to squeeze in another ten before departure next Wednesday. Thats just the riding time, when you add in the pre and post ride stuff we are looking at several more precious writing hours eaten away. Thats the bad news, the good is that i hope to have it finished when i get back from Germany so it will only be about a fortnight behind schedule.

April 9th 2014

Time's Flying

Where is the year going, it seems to be flying past! Its just a fortnight until i head to Germany again for the Spreewald Marathon, training has stepped up a notch, three hours or so today, more tomorrow and Sunday - the mileage is piling up alongside the saddle time. Just a heads up at this point - due to the trip next week will be the last update until May so look out for extra stuff.

The promised stuff has been released for Kindle and on Lulu, look out next week for more book news!

This week's chapter, 10.38, is now up.

April 2nd 2014


Yes we are already in the second quarter of 2014, where is the time going? Hopefully you'll be able to access the third segment of It's A Swiss! on Lulu now - it will be available for Kindle at the weekend. Also on Kindle this week is the next Gaby book in the series, Changes. It would be nice if any of you reading this could leave some comments / ratings on Amazon in particular, for some reason stuff with comments tends to sell better! I've no idea quite how well my books are doing, no one else seems willing to even give 'ball park' sales numbers even if some claim great sales by category, so i'm clutching at straws really.

Things are getting hectic at Bell acres - its barely four weeks until the Spreewald trip so my training has gone up a notch, last night i was out for nearly three hours and the next three weeks will see me covering @ 1000 kilometres around the climbs of the Peak District! i'm off alcohol and i've several kilos to lose before departure so i'm trying to eat a bit healthier and less - not a diet just more sensible stuff for riding a bike. All this just to claim Golden Gurken number 6 and make a fool of myself in the short time trial the day before!

Of course i've got to fit writing the last bit of Book 12 into the schedule too so think nice thoughts for me!

Oh yes, some reading matter for you, chapter 37 of book 10, Wheels.

March 26th 2014

Its Spring Again

But i promise not to sing again! Writing and riding are keeping me busy but i've squeezed in a few minutes to bring you some new reading material! In other news, I'm officially a writer by trade now - I must be as i earnt more from my scribbles last month than i did grafting at my day job! Thats not to say i made a lot as i barely clear minimum wage (what a joke that is) but it does mean i'm not looking over my shoulder quite so much so thank you to everyone who has supported my scribbles over the years.

Hopefully next week will see the third part of Gaby book 12 released only a few days late then its not too far to the Easter release of the completed book. Next week will also see the next book released on Kindle, book 8 Changes. After Easter and my trip to the Spreewald Marathon i'll concentrate on getting the revised books sorted out as well as hopefully pick up on the next Peaches book.

For now though you want the link to the next bit of book 10, okay here it is.

March 19th 2014


This week has been a little breezy to say the least but i've managed to get my Spreewald training started finally! The writing is coming along, maybe not quite as quickly as i'd like! However the timetable for book 12 is still unchanged, part three should be ready next week and the completed volume will be out in time for Easter.

The Kindle releases are continuing, there should be another Gaby volume ready at the weekend, Dress Up! is the seventh volume in the series.

For your delectation and delight this week is chapter 10.35.

March 12th 2014


Its starting to look more spring like in these here parts although overnight temperatures are closer to frost than is comfortable for the flowers that are poking their heads above the sodden ground. The next Gaby volume, Girls, Girls, Girl? is now available for Kindle - that's half of the main run of the story!

This week you can read a new chapter here while i'm busy scrawling the next bit of Book 12.

March 5th 2014

Year Older

So we're back, foot sore, poorer but having enjoyed a nice break. There are a few pictures here if you are interested, some reading matter can be found here!

February 19th 2014

Birthday Girl

Yep, as i'm taking Gaby away for her Birthday, todays update has a double posting to cover next weeks lack of posting. We are off to Bremen and Niedersachsen for a few days, no bikes, just sightseeing, maybe a shop or two and chilling with some good food and drink! No doubt there will be pictures when we get back so thats something to look forward to!

Over the next couple of weeks i'll be putting up links to all the kindle releases, initially on this page but eventually on a dedicated publishing page, please excuse the slightly untidy appearance in the meantime.

For now though you can read the next two chapters by clicking here and then following the link at the bottom of the first chapter.

February 16th 2014

Real McCoy

Well here is the actual update missing from Wednesday, there's a new Gaby chapter and i can announce that not only is the second instalment of Its A Swiss now available from Lulu butr the first part is on Kindle now too. Not only that but by Wednesday Book 4, Once Upon a Time in America will also be available on Kindle - all 500 plus pages complete with the original illustrations!

Look out for another update midweek - there won't be one on the 26th so i'll put up a bonus for you!

February 12th 2014

Bit of a Rush

Sorry but there isn't a new chapter today but if you head over to Lulu i have finished the second part of the new book, Its A Swiss! Proper update at the weekend

February 5th 2014

Approaching Birthday

Yup, we will soon be celebrating the Wunderkinds birthday again. To celebrate i'm taking Modom to Bremen in Lower Saxony for a few days of sightseeing and no doubt shopping! So this is advanced warning that there won't be an update that week, ie February 26th as we'll be travelling home. Of course there will be updates in the weeks between now and then.

You will notice some new additions to this page in the form of some links to Amazon pages. As the Kindle platform seems quite popular and there are a few of my scribbles in that format i thought some direct links to those pages would be a good idea. There may well be some further links to stuff referred to in Gaby releases, have a look if you are interested.

Now to the scribbles - with a little luck, by this time next week the second part of the new Gaby book will be completed so look out for It's A Swiss! part 2.

For this week you'll have to make do with the next chapter from Book 10.

January 29th 2014

Back to Normal

So things are getting back to normal, i've now got hot water and heat for the first time since i moved into the flat nearly 25 years ago! its very strange coming indoors to find it not freezing cold inside too - i could get used to these mod cons. Of course back to normal means you should get regular updates once more - subject to me being around to do them!

The first chunk of Gaby - Its A Swiss is now available through Lulu so if you prefer your Gaby in bite size pieces you can get your copy now illustrated with photographs that i took myself last summer. The next chunk is moving along, by the time you read this i will be working on part 13, the words have been flowing pretty well so far but i'd rather take a break than force it so sometimes a chapter might take a few days to put together.

Of course you get a new chapter this week from book 10, so here it is 10.28.

January 22nd 2014


Once again i must apologise for missing last weeks update but i was somewhat distracted! My landlord started the job of installing central heating and a miriad other jobs 8 years ago! Before Christmas i pretty much had to empty my abode so they could actually do the job, however they failed to complete leaving me sans heat and hot water over the xmas/new year period. They arranged to finish the job last Wednesday so once again i moved half my posessions but guess what - the workmen turned up without the required hardware so nothing got done. Put everything away again grrr. So today we try again, its not even a long job, fit a couple of radiators (already plumbed), connect to the gas and commision. Then the chippies have a couple of shelves to put in and job done. Of course i then need to move my stuff back into some semblance of order so thats today pretty much written off !

As recompense for missing last week you do get two Gaby chapters this week so fasten your seatbelts and hold onto your hats as the saga continues.

Some of you will have picked up on the release via Kindle of some of my titles. I'd like to thank everyone who has supported this project, after a slow start things have started to pick up and its looking like Kindle sales will outstrip my Lulu performance by a factor of 3:1! So thank you all for purchasing, it would be nice however if there were one or two reviews / ratings - please if you do buy one of my titles pop back and rate it. Thank you.

If you haven't looked at the releases yet you can search under author 'Madeline Bell' or publisher 'Scaramouch' in any Amazon region.

I've been beavering away at the new Gaby book - I started chapter 11 last night so you know what that means - for those who can't wait there should be the first instalment of book 12 available in rough form through Lulu. So pop along on Sunday and be one of the first to read the new scribbles, I only intend doing a digital version but i'll add a print copy if anyone wants it.

January 8th 2014


The first week of 2014 has been testing for a lot of us so firstly i hope that you all are well, warm and safe.

So, the news. Well first there's an update at the Gluhwein Museum if you like that sort of thing, scroll down to the bottom for a late addition from Austria.

To more serious things now, I've started writing Gaby Book 12 and there are already three chapters in the can, i'm aiming to have it completed in about 8 weeks and to have the first instalment ready for you in about a fortnight - watch this space. On the subject of books, by this time next week i hope to have the next Gaby book available for Kindle, its ready i just need to do the fiddly bits!

That of course brings us to this weeks update, Chapter 385 of the Saga - enjoy!

January 1st 2014

Happy New Year!

The first proper update of 2014 won't be until next week but i did promise a seasonal Gaby special and its time to unveil the few scratched lines i managed to put together. It's called Gabymas and is set several years after the current thread of the story so if you don't like spoilers DON'T read this! Nothing is set in concrete, the saga does have a life of its own so its not 100% certain that everything in Gabymas will actually occur but i fancied the idea of looking into the crystal ball to see what might happen to the Wunderkind. There are some pictures that me an' Gabs took last month - on location!

My editing team report tears and laughter after reading it so i'm confident readers will enjoy this short interlude. So if you are brave, have a sense of adventure and have a few minutes to spare click on Gabs now! Please let me know what you think, whilst I write as much for me as anyone I do like to know what you think - use the email link on bottom of the story page to tell me.


For the rest of you, normal service will resume next week and i'll be starting book 12 as soon as, so until next week,

Happy New Year!

Maddy & Gabs


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