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So you want to know more about Maddy? Okay you asked for it!

I'm a 5'10" green eyed blonde (I've put a picture below), the wrong side of thirty with one daughter. I was born in South London, England but I left there long ago for more 'exotic' climes. I have a bunch of qualifications up to BSc Hons and currently work selling velocipedes, if you want to know more, well tough luck, this is all you're getting!

Maddy's words on her writings

In the beginning
Right from nursery I have been an avid reader (I learnt to read when I was @ four) and as soon as I could write I enjoyed making up stories. The fact that I actually enjoyed reading and writing was all that made English lessons bearable, I never could and still can't see why school kids spend so much time studying and 'understanding' Dickens, Shakespeare etc when they should be enjoying the humour and skills of the writers.

It seems that it has taken the skills of J.K. Rowling (a good story teller but not exactly a Dickens!) to get kids wanting to read again after decades of misery! My favourites however were weekly doses of Biggles, Bunter and other adventure tales from the likes of Enid Blyton and poetry from A.A.Milne thanks to the kids library. Not exactly PC or girly eh? But such storytelling skills - that's where I learnt to write, not in the classroom! I guess my writing was sometimes a bit 'mature' for some of my peers, my imagination with regard to situations beyond my personal experience seemed to worry one or two of them. Jealousy perchance?

On leaving school my writing ceased for several years but instead I started reading with a vengeance, for enjoyment now. Ian Flemings original James Bond, Arthur C. Clarke, Douglas Adams, Harry Harrison, Frank Herbert and that brilliant story teller James Herriot took their place on my book shelves. I do not like romance novels at all! As time passed I turned more and more to Sci Fi & Fantasy work spreading my reading across all variations from Brook's Shannara series to Pratchet's Discworld.

I returned to writing out of boredom really and inspired by various TSR novels I started to write Anja & the Druid. I completed that epic, all handwritten and wrote a sequel. Then another 'short' tale and another etc. There are probably a dozen handwritten manuscripts awaiting their turn to be typed up.

Once I got a word processor and then a PC I started typing straight to file and often I've written a story right through in one or two sittings, Sam an tha was written in this way. Other times I write until the inspiration fails, I have a few of those waiting patiently for me to continue them.

...there was the word.
Obviously I've been influenced by what I have read and what interests me. For example tattoos and piercings fascinate me, and yep they turn up in many of my stories covering the extremes and all points in between. (And yes I do have the 'odd' piercing, you'll have to guess where, but no tattoos!) So you will find several of my interests popping up in my work, if you have knowledge of a subject it will always come across more convincingly.

One thing you won't find in my work is much sex. In my experience sex is used to prop up poor work and if I have to sink to that level I'll stop writing! Don't get me wrong, I could put it in (I do have a daughter you know) but beyond telling you, the reader, that sex is/has/will take place, I think my work can survive without it! So there!

More recently I've been reading a bit wider again, my current favourite is the 'Plum' series from Janet Evanovich, Stephanie is my kinda girl! (See! No sex!) Again my work is influenced by these and the several thousand stories I've read on the web. And here's a big gripe. Why oh why don't people use spell checkers or read what they've written before they distribute their work? Some authors put together a good story and ruin it with bad or non existent grammar (sorry but it irks!)

Well you wanted to see me !

 at home2003

I know I'm no beauty, thankfully my daughter doesn't take too closely after her Mum in the looks department!

 at home2003

And the word was...
Quite often I get inspired by something I've read and Gaby was started after I had read most of Ellen Hayes 'Tuck' series. "Maddy" I said, "you could do that", and so I did. (i never dreamt that it would develope into the saga that it has, fanfics and all!) Now don't get me wrong, I like Tuck but sometimes Ellen gets a bit, erm, anal. I decided that whilst I could bore you with blow by blow equipment specs and pass my bias' onto yourselves (click here for a short example), you would enjoy what I like to read - entertaining writing. If I want to know about Linux, I'll buy a book!

I also felt that whilst some description of what people are wearing is needed, you don't need an inside to outside description of what every character is wearing in every scene! If a girl is wearing a dress, you can't see the colour of her pants, or their cut, if you're reading this you know what I mean.

Another of my pet hates is the degree of imagination some authors expect you to have and lack of knowledge too. Perhaps I'm a bit naive but where I come from ten year old girls don't wear 4" heels, I certainly didn't! (where do you get a 3 with that sort of heel, not in my high street stores) Come on guys (you must be guys) get real! So on that note, my point is that your work should be realistic within the context you set it, I hope that my stories are suitably believable.

I also try to be original when I can. How many TG/TV stories involve 'frat' houses for example? Plenty, do we need more? The same kinda thing applies in most genres so you need a new take, I like 'Murder in Pink' (crap title, good plot) for that reason. So Drew isn't a 'jock' but he's no wimp either! And Sam, well I, um, well Maggi is erm, oh bugger you know what I mean!

What pleases me most is that my Gaby and Nena series have weedled several excellent authors out of the woodwork. Several of these have told me they were encouraged by my stuff, thats a bit embarrasing but thanks! More power to the pen.

The techie stuff has been upgraded so if you want to know what I'm doing all this on here goes. The new machine runs a Celeron 2.4GHz processor and currently sports a 40GB hard drive and a DVD/CDR - well cool! The upgrade has only been possible due to a local initiative which stumps up most of the cost as part of a community project, thanks to everyone at ComCom. I've still not got the internet at home and use a USB pen drive and 'borrow' connection time off friends.

I now write directly into Word 2000 either on my base PC or on my lickle HP Ipaq 2200 handheld, the html coding is done with Dreamweaver 4 (another ComCom subsidised thing) and i'm finally getting the hang of using it! The images are prepared using Paint Shop Pro 7 still with my trusty mouse.

So now you know a little bit about me, where I'm coming from (sorry if I come over a bit 'heavy', I don't mean to) and how I work. I'll keep writing and I hope you'll keep reading!



March 2005

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