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I enjoy writing these stories and I think they are pretty good - but that's just vanity on my part! What really matters is what you all think and if these comments are anything to go by you like my writing too. All of these are genuine comments received over the last few months and serve as an excellent ego massage - I am appreciated!

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Hi Miss Bell, I first read your adventures of Gaby on Fictionmania. I was very very intrigued in your stories. I would just like to say that your stories are amazing. I find myself becoming lost in the fantasy word. When I finish one part I automatically want to start the next one to find out what has happened. I just wanted to email you my praise on your outstanding series.
Sincerely, Danny Seddon

Hi Maddy, Nena first. Well, what can I say except that you have written a right royally entertaining serial. With a (slightly!) plausible plot, good turn of phrase and suitably few lapses into German, this is one of the best series on the net. I have been on a number of coach tours including Germany, Switzerland and Austria. You must have at least been a very attentive tourist or have insider knowledge from a stint as a coach courier. If you were to deny some insider knowledge, I'd have to doubt you. If you genuinely have none, then your research is first class. Thank you very much.

Now to Gaby. I resisted Gaby for a long time; I didn't think it would interest me. WRONG! Although I've never been into sport, particularly ball games, a friend, who is interested in any sport involving wheels, has got me somewhat hooked on the Tour de France. Now whether it's the cycling, the stunning countryside, my love of French food and wine, or maybe some of all three, I don't know. What I do know is that I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of tactical and other cycling information in this series. Again, I am certain that there is either insider knowledge or incredibly good research involved in this saga. The sheer length of the tale is mind-boggling - I confess to having done very little else over the past three days since I started on 'Gaby'. Once again, very many thanks for a most entertaining serial.
With kind regards, Susie

I just downloaded your latest two Gaby episodes and was very pleasantly surprised. Besides the storytelling I always enjoyed the small pictures which let me get a very intense feeling for the atmosphere of the story. With the drawings in the latest two episodes you added an entirely new artistic dimension (and I suppose much more effort had to go into it).
Congratulations and thanks, David Hilbert

Thank you for the good fiction, for the lack of humiliation in the plot and for being a girl not being considered a punishment in your tales (just embarassing).
(Gaby)A Brazilian Fan

Hi Maddy A short note to let you know that I have been enjoying "Gaby" and am impatiently waiting for book two. I just completed all the posted chapters and have found the writing interesting and very good.........Thanks for giving us this story, the art work and your other writings.
Bye Nelson

Dear Maddy, I've been very inconsiderate. I've been reading your stories for some time now and I've never written to tell you how great they are. I'm constantly checking to see what's new with Gaby. Love the story. I'm also very impressed with the images. You've done a great job.
A Fan, Jacki Pett

Dear Maddy: Thanx : thank you - thank you - thank you - thank you Just imagine Snoopy dancing on top of his house (Gaby)

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!! I cant wait until book 2 comes out. woot! woot! Your public awaits with anticapation of another great series of Gaby. Oh don't get me wrong I love your other work too. hehe. Thank you so much. Marrissa

Just another gental plug for "Sam an tha" I just re-read what's posted and am looking forward to more.
Hugs, Jezzi Stewart

Love the Series! Keep the chapters coming. Sweet and sentimental is my favorite story. There is to much pain in a childs life. It is better to dream about how it might have been. Lynn

Keep up the good work, your stories have the element of "believability" others lack (Gaby)
Kind regards

Hi I love your story of Gaby. I am triing to find part 29 is it out yet? Please keep writing for to many writters quit in the middle. I hope to hear more of Gaby.
Thank you.

Maddy, Glad I could be of some help! *giggle* Again, it is a wonderful story that many of us can only wish we were in Drew/Gaby's place. I love the way that you are progressing with the story and really look forward to reading more. (Gaby)
Hugs... Denise

Maddy Anne, I am enjoying your Anja and the Druid series, following each new chapter. I especially enjoy what are either your translations or your style in using English with old fashioned phrases. I am reminded of the stories my German great grandmother used to tell. Thank you again,
Tom Van Natta

I just read your story called Sam (an tha) and I really loved it. I love the idea of him actually not knowing he isn't a girl and the things the girls are putting him through. I really hope you continue this story. Please! It is definitely one of your best. Keep up the good work. I really do hope you continue this story. Thanks for the great stories,

Hi Maddy, As before, I love the translations of this story. It adds an extra bit, sounding (reading?) like an old English manuscript. How soon can we expect the next chapter? Thanks for your stories, (Anja and the Druid)
Tom Van Natta

comments = Maddy, I think this story is you best I have read so far. I am a Gaby fan who wanted more sooner so found your site and started to read your other work. Do you write in any other format? books or magazines? Please please please keep up the good work. You brighten my day at break times.
Love Jim xx

Madeline, It looks from the way you list the, Gaby stories on your web-site that you have written more Gaby chapters. So, when are you going to post stories 26 through 30? I and other people with whom I have had the opportunity chat to agree with me that, the Gaby stories are very well written and thoroughly enjoyable, "But", like me are turning blue from holding our breath's waiting for more. Me I feel like a person in the dessert with out water until I can drink more of your stories. So with out further ado Please, please make a multiple posting of Gaby! I'm really thirsty!
Thank You, A faithful reader, Chris W

Hi Maddy. I have been following the Gaby series and I truly love it. Can't wait to see where it goes next.

comments = Love it! Haven't figured out EXACTLY where you're going, but I'm waiting for the next part... (Gaby)

comments = This is becoming a fascinating story. I'm anxious to see what happens to Sarah! (Making Ends Meet)

Hi Ms. Maddy. I have been following the Gaby series since it started. I really like it, and can't wait to see where you are going with it. ......I also like the Gallery on your page, ...... keep up the good work. I think you are doing an excellent job.

Gaby continues to be one of the best stories I've read in some time. You manage to keep up Drew's central conflict so well - he's so very easy to persuade to do things as gaby and get farther an farther into it, yet at the same time, he can't wait to get be to being plain old drew.
I like the new drawings on your web site as well - the one with the costume has kind of a different look to it which I liked.

comments = I love the stories that I have read. Hope you keep up the great writing.

Hi, Just a note to say how much I have enjoyed reading the exploits of Gaby, it is a delight to read of a gradual transition and the ways in which Drew excuses his adventures as Gaby. I am now waiting for the next instalment, with baited breath. I hope you can keep up the good work.
Kindest regards
A fan Jim

comments = wonderful stories and a bit more drawings would be even better!!

A fan letter!! I am really enjoying your series on Gaby. Nice and slow. But, I guess it will turn up a notch with Maddy's mom figuring out who is who. But, I guess her main question is: Why?!?!? Sitting and waiting patiently for the next chapters. Will she blow Drew's story? Or, will she keep it a secret? I am waiting. Good work on the mystery Maddy.

Hi Maddy
I just want to say a big Thank you for your stories I really do enjoy them. The only problem is the time between each episode of Gaby !
I have especially enjoyed Anja and the Druid, any idea when the next chapter will appear?
Keep up the good work

comments = Please continue the adventure. The full week please. Or at least hit the highlight of each day.
Cheers Carla (Sam an tha)

comments = Thoroughly enjoyable series . I didn't enjoy the slavery bit , but it was well written .
Thank you (Any Job in a Storm)

The comment about Bob is : I don't usually read bondage stories, but this one was done with taste. Not too bizarre as some go, and it actually had a plausible plot. I enjoyed this story very much. Keep up the good work.
Barbara Lynn Terry

comments = I thought Agi (Maggi) was one of the better stories read in a long long while. You have written exactly what has held my interest the most and I only wish there were more of a similar nature and quality.

Maddy, Your stories are GREAT! So good I have done a little "amateur research". I think I know you. We have the same feelings etc. etc. etc. Keep the stories coming asp. Can't wait for the next one, and more!
Mary Ann.

The comment about Mikaela is : Maddy, very very good, not all loaded with details, but very fast moving, could read all day in this vein, thank you.

The comment about Change to Live is : A very thoughtful story, that was not run of the mill, a darn good read! Keep up the good writing.

I am only writing to tell you that your story, "Gaby" is wonderful. I can't wait to see the next chapter. I find myself wishing I was her as I read it.

The comment about Change to Live is : very good though different than I pictured from the summary.

Although most of these are in honour of the Gaby series my other works have not been ignored either, most of my works have got some comment which I share with you here.
Why not leave your own thoughts on my writings in my guest book or email me if you don't want to go 'public'!
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